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Piscines Aqua Oasis

Transform your everyday life into vacations with Aqua Oasis Pools

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What We Do


With our harsh winters in Quebec, it's important to rely on professionals to open/close your pool. To start the season, we ensure that all equipment is in order for a trouble-free season. As for closing, it's about winterizing everything properly to avoid problems when reopening. The 2024 season is starting, don't hesitate to contact us for an appointment!


When a leak occurs in your pool, it's crucial to act quickly to avoid any further damage. Our teams of technicians are trained to get your pool back in working order. Whether it's for leak detection, faulty equipment, or anything else, we're equipped to tackle any issue.


Our maintenance teams ensure the cleanliness, safety, and proper functioning of your pool through their expertise. They oversee chemical control and inspect equipment, ensuring a pleasant and safe experience for users.

Image by Dim Hou

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